Medical Services

In addition to the usual health insurance services, we offer a wealth of customized private medical/health care services.


The field of internal medicine is broad and multifaceted. In principle, we cover the entire spectrum, whereby we are specialized in particular areas in addition to general practitioner work.

As part of preventive medicine, we are specialized in the areas of intestinal function diagnostics, hormone and messenger substance diagnostics, and vascular and cardiac diagnostics.

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Bowel function diagnostics

The digestive system is our energy intake system. Many other disorders can occur, if the bowel function does not work properly.

Vascular and cardiac diagnostics

because the cardiovascular system supplies the body's cells with energy and hormones.

Hormone and neurotransmitter diagnostics

Hormones and neurotransmitter are important elements in controlling / regulating / management of human cells

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With over 15 years of clinical experience and as a recognized medical doctor since 2005, as a specialist in internal medicine, I and my team have a sound and broad wealth of experience.

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Infusion therapies

Infusions with micronutrients according to the rules of orthomolecular therapy (vitamin cocktails, minerals, homeopathic medicines, various nutrients), autohemotherapy, plasma therapy (PRP), ozone therapy.

Meaningful for conditions such as: Infections, susceptibility to infections, tiredness/fatigue, negative stress, burnout, stroke, rheumatic complaints, intermittent claudication, chronic wounds, etc.

Additional information
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Cholesterol and other lipid metabolism disorders are the second most common diagnosis after high blood pressure. Many patients ask how to deal with their cholesterol levels. From doing nothing to taking anti-cholesterol medication, there is a wide range of therapy options. We are happy to assist you in taking the right decision.

Mitarbeiterin der Praxis bei der Patientenbetreuung

In our Medical Practice we offer you a (structured) thorough examination especially in this area. This includes a large number of targeted examinations in collaboration with specialized laboratories, all of which aim to correct the disturbed parameters and finally improve your well-being or maintain your vitality and long-term health.

Just ask us, we will explain!

Range of services


Internal diagnostics

Focus of diagnostics

  • Cardiological: for heart attacks, myocarditis, pericarditis, cardiac arrhythmias, etc.
  • Angiological: for stroke, intermittent claudication, angina abdominalis
  • Gastroenterological: gastritis, gallbladder dysfunction, liverproblems, irritable bowel syndrome, food intolerance, colon cancer, etc.
  • Hormone diagnostics
  • Vascular diagnostics

Ultrasound diagnostics

Almost all organs and body parts e.g. abdominal organs, lungs, heart, thyroid gland, carotid artery, other arteries, veins, mammary glands, joints, etc.

Comprehensive laboratory tests

Sports fitness examination

Performance check using a bicycle ergometer and lactate determination

Examinations for early detection/identification and prevention (check-up)

ECG and lung function test

  • Resting ECG / stress ECG
  • 24h ECG / 24h blood pressure measurement
  • Long-term ECG with sleep analysis
  • Pulmonary function test



  • Conventional medicine
  • Alternative medicine
  • Natural medicine

Infusion therapies as a principle for the treatment of numerous clinical patterns and/or mental disorders

Heavy metal diagnostics and heavy metal removal

Ozon therapy

Oxygen multi-step therapy according to Prof. Ardenne

High-tone therapy for arthritic or neuropathic pain (also for diabetes)

Wound care

Immunization advice and vaccinations for Germany and abroad as well as travel advice

Instruction and certification according to § 43 Infection Protection Act

Required for all persons who professionally produce, handle or market food.