Infusion therapies

The strongest force rests within ourselves: the activation of the immune system.

Intravenous therapy

It was only the successful treatment of top athletes that brought infusion therapies to the fore. Treating successfully conditions considered impossible to heal for Formula 1 drivers, Wimbledon winners or world record sprinters, caused skyrocket interest in this form of therapy.

Hintergrundbild: Medizinische Infusions-Therapie

The Center for Internal Medicine Dr. Balan is specialized in this treatment since its establishment. Dr.-medic(RO) Balan learned about the effects of infusion therapies during his training and helped many patients, both as a student and as a doctor. Often patients come to us with longstanding problems. The basis of our work consists of the holistic approach, the thorough diagnosis and the customized therapy for every person.

Mitarbeiterin der Praxis bei der Patientenbetreuung
Gang und Praxisräume des Zentrum für innere Medizin Dr. Balan

With 6 infusion booths and state-of-the-art medical technology, we offer best capacities for our patients. Infusion therapies are designed for treatment of allergies, colds, influenza, COVID-19, immune deficiency, weakened immune system, gastrointestinal problems and autoimmune diseases.

Note for persons with (statutory) health insurance:

Please be informed that infusion therapies are “IGEL” services that are not covered by the most statutory health insurance provider.