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Die Hand einer Frau und eines Mediziners berühren sich an den Fingern

Closer to people

  • Internal Medicine
  • Bowel function diagnostics
  • Vascular and cardiac diagnostics
  • Hormone and messenger substance diagnostics
  • Infusion Therapies

Näher am Menschen

  • Innere Medizin
  • Darmfunktionsdiagnostik
  • Gefäß- und Herzdiagnostik
  • Hormon- und Botenstoffdiagnostik
  • Infusions-Therapien
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Consultation hours

Centre of Internal Medicine
Dr.-medic(RO) Rustic Aurelian Balan
Rosenheimerstr. 3
83043 Bad Aibling

8:00 – 12:30 | 14:00 – 18:00
8:00 – 12:30 | 14:00 – 18:00
8:00 – 12:30
8:00 – 12:30 | 14:00 – 16:00
8:00 – 12:30

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Dr. Balan im Gespräch mit einer Patientin

The combination of conventional and alternative medicine

We are very experienced in the field of Internal Medicine, the core of our work, and provide a wide range of services. Specific areas of diagnosis and care such as Bowl Function Diagnostics, Hormones and Neurotransmitters Diagnostics aswell as Vascular and Cardiac Diagnostics are essential milestones within a comprehensive preventive medical care. Moreover, we offer a wide range of patient-specific infusion therapies.

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Dr. Balan bei einer Ultraschalluntersuchung
Wartebereich der Praxis

Our Medical Practice

Our Medical Practice philosophy is based on the provision of a holistic and comprehensive medical treatment and care, as a combination of conventional and natural (or alternative) medicine.

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Online appointment booking

Simply make your appointments online! Your appointment will be confirmed immediately. As a special service, we will be happy to send you an appointment reminder by e-mail.

In addition, we will automatically remind you of upcoming preventive care appointments upon request.

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What our patients say about the practice

5-Sterne Bewertung

"At the beginning of the therapy I had several complaints/problems such as: coordination issue when walking, very heavy legs, tremors in the legs and feet, numbness, burning and trembling rushed through my lower legs up to the feet, general sensorial disturbances throughout the body.

My therapy consisted mainly of infusions(…) and my symptoms were immediately relieved."

— H. P.
5-Sterne Bewertung

"For years I was treated with cortisone medication and unfortunately my symptoms did not decrease but got worse and worse.

In the practice of Dr. Balan in Bad Aibling I finally found help, because he not only combated my obvious symptoms of my illness, but also looked for the cause of the symptoms for a long time and finally found it so that I could live symptom-free again with the right therapy."

— G. R.
5-Sterne Bewertung

"When I presented myself as a patient in your practice, my physical condition was not very good. The cholesterol level was too high, the muscles hurt a lot, my osteoarthritis in my knees was hell, in addition I was very often dizzy, briefly, I stood next to me.

(…) now after 2 years I am in chelation treatment for the third time and am starting to feel good, yes, I have more strength and stamina, I feel much younger again."

— E. B.
5-Sterne Bewertung

"During the entire time Dr. Balan always took enough time for his patients, and his problems were always heard.

Thanks to constant efforts for continuous education, based on his extensive internist experience, alternative healing methods were found from acupuncture to ozone treatments, various infusiontherapies, including chelation therapy."

— R. M.